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Do you like treasure? Sorry that was a silly question, of course you do. Galazeth Prismari is here to deliver you a veritable mountain of treasure for you spellsplinging pleasure.

The gameplan is to slow down the opponent enough while we accumulate a horde of treasure tokens using various treasure cards and our commander. Then, we will use our tremendous mana to cast powerful spells that will bring the game to a swift conclusion.

This deck is very powerful and features a lot of rarely seen cards and synergies. It's an absolute joy to play and often I find myself giggling uncontrollably as I employ my Scrouge McDuck-swimming-pool-of-gold-sized mountain of treasure to cast a huge silly X spell.



The most important part about this deck is utilizing Galazeth's ability to make treasures function as lands for our spells. To maximize this, we play a ton of cards to generate us treasures.

Obviously, Galazeth itself generates a treasure token. This is really good, because it mitigates the command tax. If we cast Galazeth on Turn 4, and they kill it, we can come right back and cast it again on Turn 5. This means it's naturally hard for opponents to keep Galazeth off the battlefield, especially so when you consider the countermagic this deck is packing.

On the early part of the curve, we play Magda, Brazen Outlaw, Captain Lannery Storm, Plundering Barbarian, Treasure Map, Seize the Spoils, and Prismari Command. These cards are great because they all have additional utility and also begin generating us treasure. In particular, in late game, Lannery Storm can sometimes sacrifice all the treasures to serve as a Fireball, and Magda, Brazen Outlaw can use surplus treasures to fetch Goldspan Dragon.

At the top end of the curve, we also have some whoppers that can generate tons of treasures. Revel in Riches can counter an opponent's big spell and leave us with tons of treasures. Unexpected Windfall and Goldspan Dragon generate advantage and treasures (Goldspan allowing treasures to make 2 mana is also insane). Xorn is another card that allows us to double down on the treasure theme. Stormkiln Artisan is another card that comes down later in the game that can generate an insane amount of treasure and also be a huge threat if enough treasures accumulate.

Finally, there's Brass's Bounty. This card basically doubles our mana if we have Galazeth down, and even allows us to hold up more spells and interaction after casting it. Usually resolving this spell safely will lead to a victory due to the massive mana advantage.


Once we have enough mana, it's time to put it to work. In this deck we employ several expensive spells that let us seal up the game if we get to enough mana.

We play many draw spells that allow us to completely snowball the game by converting the massive mana advantage into a massive card advantage. Expansion//Explosion, Pull from Tomorrow, Blue Sun's Zenith, Sea Gate Restoration, Chemister's Insight, and Magma Opus all allow us to draw many cards if we have sufficient mana. Explosion can also melt the opponent's face off in a pinch.

Other notable game-enders include Mass Manipulation which is crushing against creature/planeswalker based decks, Metallurgic Summonings which allows us to rebuy all of our spells, and Culmination of Studies which often pays for itself, draws several cards, and even burns the opponent!



Galazeth actually works with any kind of artifact, not just treasures. This means that other artifact cards can be very useful as well.

Saheeli Sublime Artificer in particular is a banger. Every time we cast a noncreature spell, she creates a fresh lotus petal! She can also be quite useful by allowing one of our servos to copy something like a Goldspan Dragon! Similarly, Metallurgic Summonings can make an army of artifact dudes just waiting to be tapped for mana.

2 mana Mana Rocks like Mind Stone, Coldsteel Heart, and Guardian Idol are also extremely useful, as they allow us to cast Galazeth ahead of schedule on Turn 3, and even tap for both Red and Blue afterwards!

Other notable utility cards can be found in the mana base, especially Inventor's Fair which gains life and can tutor treasure map if card advantage is required. Castle Vantress is super useful in stalemate situations for finding an X spell to break through. Surtland Frostpyre is able to provide 

a Pyroclasm out of the land base to help fight against pesky aggro decks.


To make sure that we don't die while greedily accumulating wealth, we play several defensive cards, especially counterspells.

We play Spell Pierce, Swan Song, Negate, Disdainful Stroke, Memory Lapse, Jwari Disruption, Spell Swindle and Disallow to keep our opponent off their own gameplan. The cheap counterspells are especially useful for defending Galazeth the turn he comes down.

We also play some traditional removal, including Lightning Bolt, Sweltering Suns, Shatterskull Smashing, River's Rebuke, Abrade, Brazen Borrower, and others to deny opponent's permanents. 



Galazeth is a phenomenal deck for the prospective Unfriendly Brawler looking to play control with a little bit of flair! It is capable of winning just about any matchup and has a penchant for generating crazy situations and games. I hope you will come to enjoy this deck as much as I have, it really does feel unique to play

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